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What Others Have Said About Spinos Family Chiropractic

I dreaded getting dressed, putting on my shoes, and even sitting because of my lower back pain. Dr. Spinos has helped me be able to live again pain free. If you’re interested in chiropractic care, Dr. Spinos is the man to see. His non-invasive techniques made me comfortable. I was hesitant to see a chiropractor because I was afraid of all the cracking people talked about, but Dr. Spinos uses a different technique that didn’t scare me. The amount of relief I feel can’t be explained. I was afraid of physical activity or movement of any kind until Dr. Spinos helped me. Now I feel like myself again. I can exercise again without interruption and sit in class and concentrate without being distracted with my lower back pain.

~ Beth B.

I was having a lot of neck and shoulder pain to the point I was having trouble driving because I could not turn my neck. After treatment, I have full range of motion and absolutely no shoulder pain or neck pain. Chiropractic care has helped me so much. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but I had nothing to lose. Now I am feeling better than I have in years. I am most pleased with the decreased pain and discomfort. I just thought it was going to be something I had to live with. I also cannot believe the strength I have regained in my neck.  Thank you so much!

~ Carissa P.

I came into the office with severe neck pain and hip pain. I was also “on edge.” The care greatly reduced my headaches and hip pain. I had headaches for 11 days straight, and after treatments, the pain was gone. Also, I am able to do things outside without any pain. I was skeptical at first and even apprehensive, but it is definitely worth it. The techniques are strong enough to make the pain go away, but not severe enough to make you in pain. The professionalism of all the staff has pleased me the most during my treatment. Dr. Spinos makes it a point to find out how you’ve been feeling. Also, he will make “small talk” about different things (i.e. job, family, hunting, etc.) They actually care about the patient and provide excellent customer service.

~ Matt S.

My baby now sleeps through the night and seems happier. I am so happy I found you guys. It has truly helped! You can see instant relief during treatment. I tell everyone about it and not many people know that babies can be treated. The care is wonderful and the doctor is extremely knowledgeable and caring. The practice is amazing.  I love that you are educated on the equipment before you start treatment. The staff is amazing and sweethearts.

~ Katrina M.

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  • Avatar Valerie Schellhammer ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    Over the last 40 years I have been to several different Chiropractors. I stopped looking for the best whenever I found Dr. Spinos. He is an incredibly caring, skillful and knowledgeable doctor. Four years ago I decided to listen to his … More advice and I started going every month for a maintenance adjustment. Not only are my back, neck and shoulder issues kept in check but since then I have not had a sinus infection, cold, or much of any kind of illnesses. Sinus infections were a problem I encountered with every change of season for years! The only change I made was taking care of my spine every month. I contribute my better health to seeing Dr Spinos. And on a side note his staff is wonderful! You always feel like you are with friends when you're there. If you are in any kind of pain this is the place you need to go.
  • Avatar Joanne Wright ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    I went to Spinos fully expecting him to tell me I would need a different doctor for my shoulder pain. He took his time a talked to me, did an examination and x-rays. Turns out my shoulder pain was from my neck. My headaches are mostly … More gone and my quality of life has improved 100%. The staff is awesome, they are amazing caring people that make you feel like life long friends. I cannot recommend them enough!
  • Avatar Ronna Maurizio ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    I have been to different Chiropractor's and never got good results. But Spinos Chiropractor has helped me so much I don't know what I would do without them. I have bone spurs in my neck and have gone to them on regular basis. … More The staff is so kind and helpful

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